Jewelry Making Materials You Can Get Cheaply or Even Free

Jewelry making materials usually come from jewelry supply companies, don’t they? Well, not necessarily – especially as offbeat components for creating jewelry are becoming more popular.As the prices of silver, gold, and other traditional jewelry metals have risen, jewelry artists have begun using unusual and totally non-traditional jewelry making materials for their creations. Although this trend started because of the soaring cost of metal, its popularity has grown quickly as jewelry artists and their customers have discovered the fabulous possibilities of jewelry created from odds and ends.When money is tight, jewelry customers want colorful, cheery ways to perk up their wardrobe without breaking the bank. So some of the most popular new bracelet, necklace, and earring designs are made from jewelry making materials such as:* Cloth, fiber, cord, or rope – especially in bracelets that wrap, knot, tie, or cinch.
* Paper products / ephemera – often in tiny frames, mixed media, or collage.
* Wood jewelry components – either natural or colored.
* Buttons – of every size, shape, and vintage.
* Parts from older jewelry, combined with other elements and remade into new pieces.
* Seashells of all types, colors, and sizes – especially in earrings and necklaces.
* Colorful metals – especially colored or patinaed brass and copper.
* Repurposed items of all sorts – cut down, stripped, cleaned up, and turned into jewelry components.How to Find Unusual Jewelry Making MaterialsInstead of going out in search of a specific item, go with an open mind and be ready for serendipity to show you some crafty possibilities. Look at things with your creative eye, see past any accumulated dust and grime, and imagine what you can do with various items you come across.Be prepared to sort through things. Bags, boxes, and drawers of miscellaneous objects are often where you’ll find some of the best jewelry making materials.Go through the clearance aisles and bins of craft stores, hardware stores, and home improvement stores.Tell your friends and family about the types of “junk” you’re looking to use for making jewelry. They’ll think it’s fun to keep an out for these things for you. Our loved ones often enjoy participating in the treasure hunt, and they may come across some fantastic finds we’d never see otherwise!Bring a flashlight and magnifying glass on your treasure hunts. Look closely at the condition of older or secondhand items before you buy them.While you’re hunting for jewelry making materials, also keep an eye out for things you can use to display your jewelry. Boxes, trunks, baskets, fabrics, gloves, dolls, racks, wig stands, picture frames, etc. can be cleaned up, repainted or refinished into interesting jewelry displays.Look at everything in yard sales, tag sales, estate sales, etc. The “merchandise” at these events isn’t always organized, so you never know where a stash of potential jewelry making materials may turn up. The best deals are when the event is winding down, when the owners just want to quickly unload their remaining stuff.Visit antique, resale, and thrift shops and ask whether they have a newsletter or an announcements mailing list for their events, sales, and new arrivals. If they do, have them add your name and address (or email) to the list. It’s a good way to be one of the first people to see their new inventory – and any possible jewelry making materials. Owners of these shops are usually helpful, and will likely keep an eye out for anything in particular if you let them know about your interests.

How to Source Wholesale Jewelry

In the field of jewelry making business, your plans of making and selling your jewelry items aren’t really enough if you’re trying to have a nice profit. There are conditions and many ways on how to boost your profit while your business is running and contesting with others. To help increase your profit, you need to hunt for the best jewelry wholesalers that are prepared to open a business opportunity for you. However hunting for the best is such an elusive task for you, so here are some beneficial tips for you to start.First, you have to find a costume jewelry provider that purchases jewelries worldwide , this is because almost all fashion jewelery is now imported. If your supplier has many sources, you will be able to have more choices of jewelry pieces to sell for a inexpensive bargain price. Plus, your business is running on a steady stream of the latest pieces and there is no hindrance for you to get wholesale jewelry because of world events which have negative impact to those wholesalers that only have one supply chain. One of the most typical and popular places to source materials is eBay, if you’re hunting for beads for instance, use eBay to find cheap beads or any other supplies.Second, choose a supplier that has a good eye for noticing the latest trend in jewelry pieces. A good supplier of wholesale jewelry is prepared to do the work in finding what is hip and what’s not for you. They always offer the newest trends in jewelry designs. Naturally, you do not need to always be at the bottom when it comes to the newest trend designs of jewelry, remember that jewelry is your business, a major source of your revenue.However, remember the classic jewelries, although latest trends of jewelry pieces take highest place in this field of business, a good wholesaler can also carry the classic ones, like sterling silver, Swarovski crystal, cubic zirconium, and semi-precious stone jewelry. Just see to it that your business doesn’t specialize with fashion jewelry only.Third, select wholesale providers that carry a wide selection of jewelry items. This supplier can offer different jewelry accessories from handmade glass beads, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, to anklets and toe rings and other body jewelries. They can also offer other accessories like cell telephone jewelry accessories, hair accessories, bejeweled belts, bags, shoes, and key chain charms.Fourth, look for a wholesale supplier that gives reasonable minimum charges as well as shopper satisfaction. You do not need to invest big amount of dollars just for a minimum charge for every acquisition. Online wholesale jewelry stores are a good place to start ; they may only have a fifty-dollar minimum order. Never stick to those suppliers that don’t have stocked goods causing you to hang fire till their jewelry imports are ready.Lastly, find a wholesale supplier that supplies you not only their product but also their commitment and buyer satisfaction. Listen to those people that are commenting about your supplier, and consider their recommendation. After you manage to discover a steady, reliable supply of materials jewelry making becomes a lucrative hobby very quickly . It is just a matter of sourcing cheap materials to ensure that you can make a decent markup.

Wholesale Jewelry Drop Shipping – Why It Makes A Great Business

Starting a jewelry business is a great way to make more money, whether you are looking for a primary source of income, or you are simply looking to develop a secondary source if income.Jewelry has historically been a very popular seller.People buy jewelry for many reasons, including gift giving, for marriage proposals, as investments, and for personal indulgence. Think of all the different types of people who are in the market for jewelry at any given time and you will realize why there is so much money in the jewelry business.When you start calculating how many people are looking for engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, etc., you start getting an idea of how large the marketplace is for jewelry.And the above only includes the number of people looking for a ring for marriage related events. What about the number of people looking for rings for other purposes, such as for their personal fashion sense, and for investment purposes? Then put all of that aside and consider all the people in the market for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and studs.If you think you have an idea of how large the jewelry market is, think of the following. There are also thousands of fashion designers and theater producers looking for jewelry to use for their professional work.Now that you have some idea of the number of people who are in the market for jewelry, you should think of how big the market is when you look at it from an international perspective. There are literally hundreds of millions of people in the market for jewelry.And to give you an idea of how profitable it is, an engagement ring with a retail price of $3,000, can cost as little as $300 when bought wholesale.Think of how much money a jewelry seller can earn if he sells one ring per week.Multiply that by 10, and you will see how a jewelry business can make so much for its owner. And as we discussed earlier, there are hundreds of other types of jewelry buyers looking for thousands of different pieces of jewelry. So if there are so many potential customers, and there is so much money to be made, what stops more people from selling jewelry?The biggest challenge is the high cost of keeping inventory.A decent amount of stock can easily run a seller into the tens of thousands of dollars. Even if the seller has the budget to keep the jewelry in stock, there is no guarantee that he will be able to sell it before it is out of style, and there is no guarantee that he will be able to find customers for it. For the above reasons the jewelry business has traditionally been controlled by entrenched jewelry sellers who have a tight rein on the market.The business has started to change with the introduction of jewelry drop shippers. A jewelry drop shipper allows a seller to market the jewelry, and only make a commitment to buy it once he has received a paid order for it.For example, John Doe can list the jewelry on eBay, once an auction has ended with a successful bid, and the customer has paid John Doe for the jewelry, John pays the drop shipper for the item.The jewelry drop shipper will then ship the jewelry directly to the customer, without John having to stock and ship the order.John Doe can repeat the process an unlimited number of times without having to risk a single dollar in purchasing inventory. He can also advertise the jewelry by placing flyers in his neighborhood, at local schools and supermarkets, and can distribute flyers to his friends and relatives. The drop shipper will also give John Doe a ready made website that is stocked with thousands of pieces of jewelry. John Doe will have to bring people to the site, which can be done by using pay per click engines, press releases, classified ads, posting signs, flyer distribution, and word of mouth.In other words, the drop shipper stocks the jewelry and processes the orders, while the seller, in this case John Doe, markets the jewelry to potential customers.When the customer places an order, John Doe accepts the payment, and in turn places the order for the jewelry with the drop shipper. John Doe keeps the difference between the amount of money he charges for the jewelry, and the wholesale price which he pays the drop shipper.It can be a very lucrative business, especially for someone who is creative, and can effectively market the jewelry.