A Little Secret to Help You Sell More Handmade Jewelry

Are you a frustrated jewelry designer looking for new markets to sell your jewelry? Finding the right market for your jewelry designs can be frustrating process for some designers. Jewelry marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes it’s just a question of adding a unique twist to your current jewelry designs to give them additional buying appeal.Let’s talk about that unique twist that can turn your handmade jewelry into truly special pieces that are sure to attract a buyer.Here’s a good example from a recent craft show:Two different vendors were both offering similar pairs of earrings at roughly comparable prices. The earrings were sample dangles made of semiprecious beads and sterling silver findings. They were priced in the $12.00 range.Both vendors had very nice displays that played up their creations. Upon first glance, the two booths appeared somewhat similar in appearance, BUT one booth was full of prospective buyers AND their was a line to pay!The other booth looked like a ghost town. No lines, no prospective buyers.What was the difference between the two booths that was having such a dramatic impact on jewelry sales?Here’s the secret. The jewelry designer in the empty booth had mass produced, very ordinary jewelry cards with the standard information printed on them. Her cards were professional but eye catching. They did the job of holding her earrings, but were not good jewelry marketing material.The owner of the second booth who appeared to be drowning in sales, had jewelry cards with a tiny dried flower delicately pasted to each one. This gave the jewelry a whole new appearance and value in the buyers mind. Many customers commented on the beauty of the cards as they stepped into the line to pay. This jewelry designer knew how to effectively market jewelry!What is the take home message in this case? Sometimes it’s the subtleties that count when marketing jewelry. A few small changes to a jewelry card greatly increased the value of this designer’s jewelry in her potential customer’s eyes. This jewelry designer understood she could better market her jewelry if she did something to set her apart from the other jewelers out there. Could your jewelry presentation use an update?If you want to sell jewelry, it may be time to add a unique twist to your jewelry designs. Don’t be afraid to set yourself apart from the crowd. People buy handmade jewelry because they want something unique and special that hasn’t been mass produced. Show them how special your jewelry designs are by giving them a special handmade touch and watch your sales explode!